How To Make A Gaming Setup Of Your Dreams

Every gamer yearns for his dream gaming setup as soon as he buys his first video game. Whether it is a question of intense gaming sessions or a casual pastime, you want a setup that calls to you “Let’s play”.

While your need for having the best gaming setup keeps on intensifying, you need gaming setup ideas and a complete plan of what you are going to do with your gaming space, on a limited budget.

Fortunately, we are here to tell you the dos and don’ts of making your gaming setup. We ensure you are going to know everything important that you need for your setup by the end.

Gaming Chair

No matter how important a gaming PC seems, it all boils down to one thing: how comfortable your gaming chair is. It is clear that you will be spending long hours sitting in your gaming chair. If you don’t buy the right chair that offers your back comfort, you will end up with chronic back issues.

If you think backaches are the worst, imagine having spinal issues for the rest of your life, it would be devastating. So buying an ergonomic, adjustable, comfortable chair is a crucial element of your gaming setup.

You need to buy on a fixed budget but you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the chair. Buy something that is durable as well as heat and dirt resistant. So that there are fewer maintenance efforts and costs. Even if a good chair’s price is higher, consider it an investment for your setup as well as for your health.

Gaming Table

After buying your ideal chair it is now time for the perfect table. You have to buy a table that has the right height, matching your chair. Ideally, you should purchase a table that puts you eye to eye with your PC’s screen. If the table is too high or too low you will only strain your neck.

If you wish to remain active you can always buy standing tables. These come in a variety of styles with only one thing in common: you use them standing up and reduce your lazy sitting hours. It is a great choice for people with spinal issues.

Like your chair, you need a sturdy and durable table that lasts long. Consider it an investment. You may keep on changing your PC for newer models and technology, but the table and chair remain constant. For that, they must be paid more attention.

Type of PC

What’s a gaming setup without a gaming PC? You need an exceptional PC for your setup that can run all sorts of heavy games that are incompatible with common PCs. If you already have one that’s great, an additional cost is saved. But if you don’t, buy one that has amazing features, especially a graphic card.

Some PCs are so visually cool, with lighting and everything that you are instantly smitten with them. However, you must keep in mind that your purpose is to buy a PC that can run high-end games without graphic or memory issues. For that, you need a strong processor.

If you are a regular gamer, you need to buy a PC that has a cooling fan. Usually, good PCs offer heatsinks for heat dissemination. But you can buy a fan separately to keep your PC from short-circuiting.

Working with MacBook for years, transitioning to a gaming PC might not be smooth. That is why you need a PC that can replace your work device in terms of efficiency, convenience, and resolution. High resolution is the heart and soul of gaming as, without those perfect, crystal clear frames, you can never really enjoy your game.


Lighting is relatively a less important part of your gaming setup. Nonetheless, it will highlight your entire setup by adding the missing charm to your setup.

If you want everything to operate in the dark you can buy neon lights, they give your gaming room a cool look. On a tight budget, you can buy a lava lamp for the same effect in the dark.

If you have enough money to boast off an RGB lights CPU, they give amazing colorful effects in the dark as well.


Whatever you have in mind just remember, that you are on a budget. And while you dream of big things you don’t have enough in your pocket to make that a reality. But you can build a fully functioning setup and keep on adding on. The only thing needed is compromise.

You can spend smartly and still be able to build a complete gaming space. You can start by listing things that are already available to you like chairs and tables. You can find a suitable chair and desk around your house and buy everything else around them. This way you can buy compatible accessories.

You can also buy a high-quality processor and combine it with cheaper available parts like the monitor screen, mouse, keyboard, etc. It will still run all your favorite games.

Bottom line

So here you are, fully equipped with the information you need for making your ideal gaming setup. Typically, a gaming chair, budget, table lighting, and PC make up your setup. However, you can keep in mind other factors as well like the size of your gaming room, your personal preferences, and the theme of the game room.

Budgeting plays a vital role in determining other gaming accessories and their value; however, if you can, you must invest in your gaming products so that they last for years to come. Compromising on furniture and lighting is good but the quality of gaming processors should never be put at stake. It can make your entire gaming setup worthless.

Once you have everything to set up the space, get ready for a fun and adventurous gaming journey with comfort ahead. You can also set up your gaming space piece by piece whenever you have the means to. These little improvements will definitely bring your dream gaming setup to life one day.


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